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Ericka Masculino

Mistress of all the moving parts, Chaos Coordinator, Strategic Partner, Operations Optimizer,
Get Shit Done Officer

Hey I'm Ericka

I love helping Creative Entrepreneurs like you Reclaim your Freedom and focus on the things that only you can do.


I've collaborated in the creation and management of flagship Courses that have generated over $350,000 in profit in less than two years. I've also helped with other launches that have raised more than $80,000, assisted in the planning and launch of membership programs with hundreds of active members and counting. Several of my clients have also increased their customer retention rates by 70% because of a more robust and streamlined client care system (one of my specialty 😉).

I love collaborating with these kind of visionaries and innovators since I'm 100% an integrator and that makes us a perfect Match! They can focus on what they are good at while I focus on getting everything in order behind the scenes to make their vision come to life.


If am not at my office working, I'd be in the kitchen cooking something blasting some podcast on the background or playing with my dogs.

My interests at  a glance

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a good book and iced matcha.jpeg

Are we a match?

Trust sits at the heart of every thriving business relationship. Personally I find value alignment as essential for establishing a strong, productive, and long-lasting collaboration, it creates a sense of trust and mutual respect. This trust allows me take actions confidently, knowing that we're in sync and share the same goals.

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